Walker Buehler pitching mechanics
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Dodgers P Walker Buehler on Using Mustard to Improve Mechanics after Second Tommy John

Two-time All-Star Walker Buehler shares how he used the Mustard app during his rehab to clean up his mechanics and come back stronger than ever.
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Mustard Launches New Golf App Built in Collaboration with Justin Rose and Golf’s Best Coaches, Beta Opening Soon

Mustard Golf will help you elevate your game with real-time analytics and personalized instruction.

MLB Strength Coach Shares 4 Exercises to Get Youth Athletes Off to a Strong Start

Long-time MLB strength coach Jose Vazquez shares four exercises to build functional strength and body awareness in youth athletes.

How & Why to Do Weighted Ball Holds: 10 Tips from NPA Master Performance Coaches Robert Ambrose & Dean Doxakis

National Pitching Association master performance coaches Robert Ambrose and Dean Doxakis share tips on training with weighted ball holds.
Pitcher throwing with velocity

Where Does Velocity Come From?

Pitchers are always chasing velocity. But to catch it, they must optimize their mechanics and kinematic sequencing.
Tom House coaching

Fail Fast Forward: Coach Tom House and #TeamMSTRD on Why We Learn More from Failure than from Success

Coach Tom House and the elite athletes of #TeamMSTRD on Why We Learn More from our Failures than from our Successes

Clayton Kershaw’s Pre-Throwing Workout Routine

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw shows #TeamMSTRD the exercises he uses to prepare his body to throw off the mound.

How José Berríos Improved his Mechanics with the Mustard App

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher José Berríos dramatically improved his pitching mechanics last offseason with Coach Tom House & the Mustard App.

Efficiency Score: What it Means for Your Pitching Delivery

Mustard’s Efficiency Score is derived from your scores in the 10 mechanical variables of the pitching delivery measured in the Mustard App.
Footwork for Quarterbacks

Footwork for Quarterbacks: Throwing Starts with Your Feet

The quarterback position is played from the ground up, and the feet start the whole process. Coach Adam Dedeaux explains footwork for quarterbacks.

Mustard’s Kinematic Sequencing Charts: How to Understand and Interpret the Data to Improve Your Pitching Delivery

Learn how to read Mustard's new kinematic sequencing charts to assess your sequencing and improve your pitching delivery.

Mustard Mechanics: Throwing a Football Vs. Throwing a Baseball

Coach Tom House discusses pitching mechanics versus quarterback mechanics, which are more similar than you'd think.

Clayton Kershaw’s Daily Routine

Los Angeles Dodgers lefthander Clayton Kershaw shares what he does on start day, along with his routine on each day in between.

How to Assess and Improve Functional Strength

Coach Tom House shares tips for pitchers at every level to increase functional strength, improve performance and prevent injury.

Tom House and Alan Jaeger on the Different Ways to Incorporate Long Toss into Your Throwing Routine

Incorporating long toss of 120 to 400 feet into your pitching routine can increase athleticism and balance arm strength.

Pitch Counts: The Simplest Way to Decrease a Young Pitcher’s Risk of Injury

Adhering to pitch counts is the simplest way for parents, coaches and athletes to decrease a young pitcher's risk of injury.

Coaching Tips from Coach Tom House

By Tom House, PhD, with Lindsay Berra I’ve been a baseball coach for more than 40 years, and I’m certain about one thing. As a

Mustard Welcomes Clayton Kershaw as First Pro Athlete Guest “In the Kitchen”

Los Angeles Dodgers star Clayton Kershaw launches Mustard's platform for live, interactive, instructional content with the world's best athletes and coaches.

Engaging with Coaches and Umpires: Tom House’s Tips for Parents of Youth Athletes

Coach Tom House shares advice for parents of youth athletes on how to positively engage with coaches and umpires.

Supporting Youth Athletes: Coach Tom House’s Tips for Parents

Coach Tom House shares advice for parents of youth athletes on how to engage with their children and support them in their athletic endeavors.

Loosen Up! Increase Performance and Prevent Injury with a Proper Warmup

Coach Tom House talks about the importance of warming up to throw rather than throwing to warm up.

Getting Started: Kids Have to Learn to Catch & Throw Before They Pitch

Coach Tom House says the process of becoming an athlete is more enjoyable for both kids and parents if you move at an age-appropriate pace.

The 11 Mechanical Variables of the Pitching Delivery

Coach Tom House explains the 11 variables that make up your pitching mechanics.

Stack & Track: The Final 20% of Velocity

Once a pitcher's shoulders are square to home plate, the lower back snaps forward from hyperextension into flexion, creating linear torque that contributes to velocity.

Torque: What Is It, and How Do You Efficiently Use It in Your Pitching Delivery?

Coach Tom House says a pitcher's ability to create hip and shoulder separation and store torque in the pitching delivery is responsible for up to

Using the Glove: Swivel and Stabilize to Proper Position

Coach Tom House shares tips on using the glove in the pitching delivery to ensure mechanical efficiency, increase velocity and improve command.

Mustard User Stories: Justin Courtney Gets His Shot in the Pros

Image Courtesy of Luis Pardo/MiLB.com What a difference a year makes. Last July, Justin Courtney was at home in Bangor, Maine, with a fastball sitting

Real, Perceived & Effective Velocity

Real velocity is what's on the gun. Perceived velocity is how fast the pitch looks to the hitter. Effective velocity is how fast the pitch

Set Position, Lift & Thrust and Energy Angle: Get Your Booty Moving for a Better Delivery

Coach Tom House says getting your booty moving down the mound as fast as possible helps to ensure a mechanically efficient pitching delivery.

The Power of Play

Coaches Tom House and Jason Goldsmith say the joy derived from playing sports and embracing the learning process is good for your brain.

Where’s Your Head? Assessing Head Position in Your Pitching Delivery

Inappropriate head movement in the pitching delivery affects both velocity and command. Coach Tom House shares tips for proper head position.

The Mustard Mindset: Improve Your Mental Skills with Coach Jason Goldsmith

Coach Jason Goldsmith shares tips to improve your mindset and get the most out of all your training sessions.

Pitch Grips and Pre-sets: Developing a Young Pitcher’s Arsenal

Coach Tom House shares tips for young pitchers to prevent injury and increase both velocity and movement as both their bodies and their deliveries grow

Mustard User Stories: 14-Year-Old Eddie McCartney

Eddie McCartney’s journey to Mustard and the Mustard pitching app began in a batting cage rather than on a pitcher’s mound.

Weighted Balls: History, Holds and How-Tos

Coach Tom House discusses the evolution of weighted ball training and the benefits of adding it to your throwing program.

Mustard User Stories: Miami Marlins Draft Pick Joey Steele

Joey Steele never thought he’d be drafted. He’d struggled as a high school pitcher and didn’t hit his stride until midway through a post-graduate year

What’s in a Drag Line?

Coach Tom House says the line a pitcher's back foot creates in the dirt is an indicator of mechanical efficiency.

Offseason Training: To Throw or Not to Throw? It’s not really a question …

Coach Tom House says once you start throwing, you should keep throwing as long as you’re going to be a throwing athlete. You should, however,

Mustard Mechanics: NPA’s Dean Taylor Uses Mustard App for Same-Session Head Position Fix

Coach Dean Taylor uses the Mustard app for a same-session pitching mechanics analysis to improve head position and command in just 15 minutes.

Change Your Game with Mustard’s Game-Changing AI

At the start of Cole Hamels’ big-league career with the Philadelphia Phillies, he would visit independent pitching coach Tom House for a motion-capture analysis of

Timing & Stride Length: The Two Most Important Mechanical Variables in the Pitching Delivery

The best pitchers get from first forward movement into footstrike in 1 second or less and stride at least the length of 6 of their

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