Change Your Game with Mustard’s Game-Changing AI
Enter Mustard, the only motion analysis app that gives same-session feedback and personalized instruction based on biomechanical data from the world's best players.
Real, Perceived & Effective Velocity
As much as they’d like to and no matter how hard they try, not every pitcher can throw as hard as Aroldis Chapman.
6 min read
Mustard Mechanics: NPA’s Dean Taylor Uses Mustard for Same-Session Head Position Fix
“The Mustard app is the light switch that allows for the light-bulb moment.”
3 min read
Meet Team Mustard: On a Mission to Make You Better
It’s a pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Tom House, Jason Goldsmith and the rest of Mustard's all-star team!
7 min read
Timing & Stride Length: The Two Most Important Mechanical Variables in Pitching Delivery
The easiest way to ensure your biomechanical efficiency is to perfect your timing and stride.
3 min read
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