Mustard Launches New Golf App Built in Collaboration with Justin Rose and Golf’s Best Coaches, Beta Opening Soon

Every golfer has gone down an internet rabbit hole of swing tips, searching for that golden nugget of a tip that will change his or her golf swing for the better. They try a lot of things but never commit to a consistent improvement plan. Countless videos later, after hundreds of reps trying to imitate Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy, most golfers don’t improve that much. Why? Because not every tip on the internet applies to you. You can’t improve your swing until you understand your swing. Enter Mustard Golf, which uses AI to analyze your swing to help you understand your current swing pattern and address your personal areas of improvement. Then, Mustard Golf teaches you the most effective and impactful ways to improve your swing with drills, tips, and exercises. And you can improve in just minutes per day. 

Mustard Golf will help you elevate your game with real-time analytics and personalized instruction from the world’s best coaches and athletes. In baseball, Mustard helps you improve your pitching mechanics with instruction from legendary coach Tom House and elite pitchers like Nolan Ryan and Clayton Kershaw. In golf, Mustard analysis and instruction will come from Mustard cofounder and top PGA mental skills and short game coach Jason Goldsmith, PGA Tour pro Justin Rose, Golf Digest #1 Coach in the US Mark Blackburn, Golf Digest #8 Coach in the US Michael Jacobs, and others

How Does it Work?

Mustard features patented AI technology that analyzes your swing to help you understand your misses and address your personal areas of improvement. Mustard Golf will give you personalized coaching to improve your skills while tracking your progress over time. Simply upload a swing and Mustard Golf will identify your current form gaps and coach you through how to fix them. And because we know you don’t have time to get to the range every day, many of Mustard’s drills to reinforce better movement patterns can be done effectively at home!


What Will Mustard Golf Help You Do?

  • Commit to a consistent improvement plan
  • Improve from home in just minutes per day
  • Increase power
  • Decrease dispersion
  • Lower your handicap
  • Fix your slice or hook
  • Stop duffing the ball
  • Get your swing on plane

What Does it Cost?

Receive an entire year of instruction from Mustard’s elite coaches for less than the cost of just ONE average lesson. BUT, beta opens April 23rd and it’s free! Join the Mustard Golf beta waitlist today!

Are you a baseball pitcher? If you’d like to evaluate and improve your pitching mechanics, download the Mustard pitching app today.

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Lindsay Berra

Lindsay Berra

Sports journalist Lindsay Berra formerly worked with, MLB Network and ESPN Magazine. She has been on #TeamMSTRD since 2020.

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