Where or how do I record a proper video?

Make sure the athlete is in the frame of the video throughout the whole motion, without moving the camera. The best places to record from are between 3rd base and the pitcher’s mound from side-view, and from between home plate and the pitcher mound from front view, although behind the catcher also works.

Open-Side View Front View
open-side-view front-view

Can I use either the front or back camera? Can I record in either portrait or landscape?

Yes, you can use either the front or back cameras for recording. You can record in portrait or landscape. If filming in landscape, make sure that your phone’s portrait orientation is Unlocked under your settings.

How many pitches can I take at a time?

We recommend no more than 3 pitches per recording to have your pitches analyzed faster. 1 pitch at a time processes the fastest!

Videos aren’t uploading from my app.

Video upload time is a combination of length of video and internet connectivity. Wi-Fi connectivity is recommended for uploading. If you are having trouble uploading a video out on the field, sometimes it is better to wait to upload until back on Wi-Fi. The app will prompt you to re-upload the video.

Can I upload video from my camera roll?

Right now, you cannot upload a video from your gallery on your phone. It’s on our to-do list!

How do I record myself?

If taking a video of yourself, use a tripod or balance your phone on something. We like to use the front camera when recording ourselves so that we can see if our body is entirely in the frame. Make sure there isn’t a net or fence in the way.

What and where is tagging? How does it work?

Once you’ve taken a video, you’ll be prompted to tag the user in the video. You will be the default user tagged, but you can also tag anyone that has the app, and the video will show up in their feed, or you can tag someone who doesn’t have the app, and the video will show up in their feed when they download the app. If you have athletes that you would like to get recommendations for, have them download the app!

I won’t be pitching for a few days, can I take video of my towel drill or dry reps?

Yes, feel free to get an analysis anytime, anywhere by doing the towel drill or dry reps for your Mustard bullpens.

For more information on how to do a towel drill, check out this video.

I’m a coach. Can I manage my whole team under one account?

We’re currently working on coaching features to make it easier to track your players and progression, but for now, we recommend that all your players get the app, and you can use the  “tagging feature” when uploading pitches to be analyzed, and both of you can see the data on each Mustard Account.

Where can I get more information?

Join our Discord. We are chatting about all things Mustard, baseball, training, and everything in between. Through Discord, you will receive invites to our weekly Zoom calls with Tom House, where we talk baseball and analyze pitching mechanics from Mustard users.

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